Saturday, July 5, 2014

XPERIA Z1 Adventures at Work: The Courtyards Banawa

Recently, I tested my Xperia Z1's capability to become a work and productivity tool. I work in the Real Estate industry and part of our job is to check out new projects in our area. Normally, I would bring a DSLR or a digital camera. I wanted to see if the Xperia Z1 has what it takes to be my partner in business.

My group checked a new condominium development by Primary Homes in Banawa. The Courtyards at Banawa is a walk-up condominium concept that is marketed for the middle class Filipinos who want to reside in Cebu City.

Primary Homes built and dress up model units for clients to see. I was able to take really good photos using the intelligent auto setting of my smartphone camera.  The indoor shots were clear and details were spot on.

I am very happy with how my photos turn out and the help of other Android apps, I was able enhance and upload my photos without sending it to a PC. My Xperia Z1 has indeed helped me in making my job easier. The Sony Xperia Z1 is very capable in my different situations, whether it is work, play, adventures, and family affairs, the smartphone can produce excellent photos plus it can do a lot more than just a camera. 

Smartphones now are capable of many things yet a lot people just bought it because they want to use for calling and texting only. Just like my Sony Xperia Z1, your smartphones can actually be very useful even at work. Let me know if you need help with how you can do more with your smartphone. ;)

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