Saturday, July 26, 2014

Milo Paserelle Cebu Final Day

The Cebu Milo Paserelle Final games were held earlier today.  The University of the Visayas upset the favored Ateneo de Cebu - Sacred Heart School, 56-53.  Dethroned champions University of San Carlos finished 3rd after routing Cebu Eastern College.

Ateneo de Cebu prays after falling to UV
CEC places 4th
An action packed finals

Friday, July 18, 2014

Selfie stick!

The latest craze in mobile photography is the #selfie.  A selfie is basically a self-photo.  People take selfies when they go to new places.  They take a selfie with celebrities.  They take selfies with their dogs. The #selfie is one of the most popular hashtags in Instagram. If you have a smartphone or tablet, I am sure you have taken at least one selfie.

The selfie craze as moved up to another level with the invention of the monopod or the selfie stick.  The selfie is very cheap but it will really boost your #selfie posts.   While selfie sticks have its share of haters, there are more people who love it.

Recently, my younger brother asked me to buy him 6 selfie sticks of that give it to his friends in Australia. I bought 2 kinds of selfie sticks.  One with a wifi remote and the other without.  The one with the remote allows the users to take a photo without pressing anything from their phone which is very convenient specially when using a long stick.  The manual one is cheap but it will take time to master because you need to set your timer so that you can use it properly.

There are also nice smartphones now that has features like smile shutter which will allow you to use your rear camera for selfies. The rear camera is usually 3-5 times better in terms of resolution versus the front camera. There are also some apps that can help you in taking the best selfies like the clap shutter.

If you love selfies, it would be wise to get a selfie stick. Try it but beware because you could become the next selfie addict.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Xperia Z1 Adventures: All Ladies Cebu10s Rugby Festival

Cebu recently hosted a Ladies Rugby 10s Tournament participated by teams from Manila, Davao, Hong Kong, Thainland and the host city Cebu. Rugby has been gaining popularity over the years and the Cebu Dragons has been one of the provincial clubs in the country.

This weekend's tournament was won by the Bangkok Banger Belles.  They beat the Cebu Lady Dragons in the championship match. Here are some photos of the event:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Buying a Clip Lens for Smartphone

As more people own smart phones and phone cameras becoming better and better, more products come out to make the mobile photography experience better. The monopod or selfie sticks became so popular for instagrammers, bloggers, and selfie fanatics for one. Recently, I saw an instagram ad about clip lenses which gives your camera more possibilities. The price was 400 pesos so I decided to get one.

I bought a Lieqi Universal Clip Lens.  The clip lens set includes fish eye, wide-angle, and macro lens.  The set includes a universal clip that will allow the lenses to be attached to your phone's camera. The clip lens fit well with my Xperia Z1 and I did not have a hard time using it.

I first used the fish eye lens and took some unusual photos in Phat Pho where I ate lunch. I am going to test the clip lens sometimes against the fish eye effect in my camera.
It took me time to figure the macro lens but when I did, I was able to take a really "close" shot of the packaging of the clip lens.

For the wide lens, I cannot really be certain if I can see difference but I will give a more detailed test in the next few days.

Having a clip lens has potential to increase the fun factor of a smartphone but it is not really necessary.  This is a good accessory for those who like to be creative and play around with photos. It could give your Instagram posts a unique look and could earn you more likes or followers.

Do you own a clip lens? Post a link of your photos??
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Saturday, July 5, 2014

XPERIA Z1 Adventures at Work: The Courtyards Banawa

Recently, I tested my Xperia Z1's capability to become a work and productivity tool. I work in the Real Estate industry and part of our job is to check out new projects in our area. Normally, I would bring a DSLR or a digital camera. I wanted to see if the Xperia Z1 has what it takes to be my partner in business.

My group checked a new condominium development by Primary Homes in Banawa. The Courtyards at Banawa is a walk-up condominium concept that is marketed for the middle class Filipinos who want to reside in Cebu City.

Primary Homes built and dress up model units for clients to see. I was able to take really good photos using the intelligent auto setting of my smartphone camera.  The indoor shots were clear and details were spot on.

I am very happy with how my photos turn out and the help of other Android apps, I was able enhance and upload my photos without sending it to a PC. My Xperia Z1 has indeed helped me in making my job easier. The Sony Xperia Z1 is very capable in my different situations, whether it is work, play, adventures, and family affairs, the smartphone can produce excellent photos plus it can do a lot more than just a camera. 

Smartphones now are capable of many things yet a lot people just bought it because they want to use for calling and texting only. Just like my Sony Xperia Z1, your smartphones can actually be very useful even at work. Let me know if you need help with how you can do more with your smartphone. ;)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Pictorials at Blue Coast Residences

A couple months back, the Rainmakers went to Blue Coast Residences to have a summer pictorial. The sky was clear, it was a good day to shoot some very nice photos.

Bluce Coast Residences Mactan Cebu by Robinsons Homes
Ariane and Grace were in their swimsuits and they were as enticing as the clear blue waters of the subdvision's swimming pool.
Florezil Agujetas and Robinsons Homes Sales Team
Clubhouse area of Blue Coast Residences
The girls were so game in posing all over Blue Coast Residences. Sheila, Febe, Ariane, Nelfa, Kim, and Grace were really enjoying the pictorials.

The boys were just content in playing basketball under the summer sun.  Clyde, Kerwin, and your truly were trying to channel our inner Lebron James.

The Blue Coast Residences is truly one of the best subdivisions in Cebu when it comes to location, and access to fun activities.  For more information about Blue Coast Residences, you may contact +63-9493721209 via SMS or Viber.  You may also check out

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