Sunday, August 26, 2012

My new Camera: Sony A57

After 3 years of using my dependable Sony A330, I decided it was time for an upgrade.  I decided on buying the Sony A57.  One major reason is that it is a Sony and I can still use my A-mount lenses like my super durable Minolta 70-210 4 Beercan. Another good reason was Citibank's 24 months zero interest paylite scheme on the unit.

What do I like with my new A57? Here some of my early observations.

  1. Super fast - Since the camera is capable of 12 fps, it will be easier for me to take photos of people in motion like in sports.  Jump shots are so easy with this camera.
  2. Videos - There are times that photos are not enough.  The camera is capable of capturing moments in HD.
  3. Panorama shoot - I do not have wide angled lenses but I would not need as well as the camera has a panorama mode where you can practically make panorama images in just a few seconds. No more stitching since the cam can do it for you.  Panorama can even be in 3D.
  4. Picture effects - I really have fun playing with the color effects and the other PS-type modes that this camera offers.
  5. Auto HDR - Get better details on landscape photos with this feature.
  6. Handheld Twilight - You can get clear for night shoots even without the use of a tripod.
  7. Auto + and Auto - The camera is so easy to use that even my mom or my young nephews can shoot nice pictures with it. 
So far, I really love using my new cam. I will be sharing more photos soon....

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1st Mayor Mike Rama Motocross (8-12-2012)

Location: South Road Properties
Event: 1st Mayor Mike Rama Motocross
Date: August 12, 2012

1st Mayor Mike Rama Motocross
Participant getting ride for the 1st Mayor Mike Rama Motocross

1st Mayor Mike Rama Motocross
Motocross with the mountains of Cebu as backdrop

1st Mayor Mike Rama Motocross
Intense Motocross action at the SRP last Snday

1st Mayor Mike Rama Motocross
A high-flying act by a young rider

1st Mayor Mike Rama Motocross
No. 37 is a joy to watch

1st Mayor Mike Rama Motocross
John Flores in action at the 1st Mayor Mike Rama Motocross

1st Mayor Mike Rama Motocross
Daring riders do not mind flying

1st Mayor Mike Rama Motocross
Sizeable crowd enjoyed the event

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Girls of the 5th One Cebu Inter Auto Club Meet (August 2012)

To coincide with One Cebu Expo, the Federation of Auto Clubs Cebu (FACC) held its annual  One Cebu Inter Auto Club Meet.  The Auto Club Meet is the biggest auto show in Cebu.  People usually troop to the parking grounds of the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC) not only to watch the cars but also the girls of the auto show.  This year's edition did not disappoint as countless of beautiful complement the different cars and products on display at the 5th  One Cebu Inter Auto Club Meet.

For those who were not able to go to the auto show, here is a glimpse of the beauties that graced the event:

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It is more fun in Aspen Heights, Consolacion circa July 2012

Robinsons Homes Cebu has opened some new blocks for sale at Aspen Heights Subdivision.  After a very memorable Investor's Summit, we decided to have an impromptu photo shoot at the site.  Using my reliable Sony A330. We were able to shoot these images:

Aspen Heights Subdivision Block 6
 Flo seems to be so eager to jump on this one.
 Who is that guy showing some nice abs?
 Backling in Block 6
 More Backling in Block 6
 time to do backling in Block 15
 Do not lean on the rock..
 Don't push it...
 Smiling at the clubhouse
nice view at the gazebo
 Gazebo at the pool area
 posing at Aurora
 The power couple of the Rainmakers Group 
ballet pose with lowlight
What the heck??? ;)

It was a fun day and hopefully, the whole group will go there soon so that everyone can join the fun!

Rainmakers at the Portofino Beach
Robinsons Homes top sellers visit Manila
Meet my A330
2012 Summer Outing at Villa Teresita
Lechon Belly Food Trip