Monday, October 17, 2011

Cebu Converse Skateboarding event

When I was in my freshman year in high school, one of my fantasies was to be a skateboarding star. This is what Hollywood does to a kid. My brother and I watched Christian Slaters' "Gleaming the Cube" and became instant fans of Tony Hawk. Well my dream never materialized because there  is hardly any place to do skate boarding in Cebu. I remembered playing with some of my high school classmates in the first year Villamor classroom of UP High. Egbert, Jowil, Jose, Paco, Ira, and even Eduardo tried boarding, while our girl classmates were cleaning the floors. This is the time before X-games and most of the avid skateboarders here were called "Thrashers".

My brother Album even bought and destroyed some boards. We tried to do ollies and kick flips. Eventually, I fell in love with softball. I forgot all about those Tony Hawk fantasies and set my sights on becoming Babe Ruth, hehehe. My following with this hobby or sport became limited to watching X-games on ESPN or playing in game consoles. It has been years since I last watched anything related to skateboards.

Fast forward 2011. While I was in Ayala Terraces last weekend, I saw a mini-skate park in the Terraces grounds. I went to check and saw Converse having a skateboarding event. They actually set a playground for the Cebuano skateboarders. Skill-wise, it is still miles away from Tony Hawk (even at his age now), but at least I saw that the boys were really having a good time. I saw some girls watching and taking pictures but it would have been fun to see a skater girl doing some grinds (a different kind of grind) and flips.

It so happened that I brought my camera, so I took some pictures. I did not bring the right lens so I had to crop some of the photos I took.

Thanks to Converse for such unique event

Friday, October 14, 2011

Shangri-La Mactan at night

A few months ago, our long time Anj came to Cebu to have a training in Shangi-La Mactan. We visited her in the hotel and took some pictures at one of Cebu's best resort hotels.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rainmakers Group tour the Robinsons Land Corporation Cebu projects

Robinsons Land Corporation has 3 projects that are under construction in Cebu. As part of my work as a Group sales manager, I have to update the clients and agents about the developments in all three projects.  The best way to update the agents is to take them to the site. ;)

Six months ago, the Rainmaker's Group visited Amisa, Blue Coast Residences, and Aspen Heights Subdivision. Here are our pics:

Amisa Pools

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Side Events of Sinulog 2011

Sinulog is the main festival of Cebu. It is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January. The pics are from the Novena masses, porcessions, festival queen competition, and the fiesta at Noel's.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Remembering Christmas 2010

We just entered the "ber" months and Christmas is in the air. It is time to reminisce and remember the events of December 2010. The parties with friends and family.

Events covered: Robinsons Homes Party, Rainmakers Party, Guadalupe Party, Gentle Breeze Party

Monday, August 22, 2011

Simala Visit (August 2011)

One of the most famous religious shrines in Cebu is in Simala located in Lindongon, Simbonga. Many people go their to pray. Our group decided to visit the shrine to give thanks and ask for blessings. Here are some of the pictures when we went there.

A lot has changed with the Simala Church since our last visit there. We can see so many improvements in the place and construction is still going on in some parts of the Church. We look forward to our next visit probably next month.