Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rainmakers Group tour the Robinsons Land Corporation Cebu projects

Robinsons Land Corporation has 3 projects that are under construction in Cebu. As part of my work as a Group sales manager, I have to update the clients and agents about the developments in all three projects.  The best way to update the agents is to take them to the site. ;)

Six months ago, the Rainmaker's Group visited Amisa, Blue Coast Residences, and Aspen Heights Subdivision. Here are our pics:

Amisa Pools

The boys RHomes

at the Amisa c;ubhouse

Gazebo by the pool

with my Sony 28mm/2.8 lens

Blue Coast clubhouse

the view at the clubhouse

Basketball Court

@Aspen Heights

best friends???

The crew with Engr. Ryan Tolentino