Friday, April 10, 2015

#Summer2015: It's More Fun in Busay, Cebu (Temple of Leah and Tops)

Summer 2015 has started and I decided to start it with a road trip to Busay, Cebu City.  Being one of the highest points of Cebu City, Busay has been popular to tourists and locals for sight-seeing and other adventures. One of the most popular vantage points to Cebu City is Tops but recently, a new structure has been built in the area and it fast eclipsing Tops as the most popular tourist destination in the mountain areas of Cebu.  The place is called Temple of Leah and it a complex inspired by Greece.  After seeing so many awesome photos in Instagram, I decided to check to place with my wife and some family friends.

The structure is not complete yet but it is been visited by multitudes of people daily. It is inspired by Greco-Roman architecture and the columns are similar to the ruins of Parthenon.

One of the favorite spots for photos are the golden lion statues near the entrance. 

 The place is usually packed during weekends as many people bring their families and friends to have a look at Cebu's newest tourist destination.  There is no entrance fee so everyone can practically visit this place.
 There are statues that could be influenced by mythology.  This is probably going to be a statue of Apollo.
 The place is spacious enough for some amazing selfies with friends.

After an hour of going around the Temple of Leah, we proceeded to Tops lookout point.