Wednesday, July 10, 2013

June 2013 Weddings: Laing-Polotan Nuptials

June has always been the favorite month for couples to tie the knot.  I was lucky to be invited to 2 weddings last month and I found out that weddings are also one of the best events to take some really nice photos.  Here are some photos I took for the first wedding I attended last month:

Carl Laing and Irish Polotan Wedding

Pretty bridesmaids abound

Candid pics like this make my day

The different smiles that can brighten up anyones day

Friends can have memorable pictures

Families too

The Groom...

with his groomsmen

The mother of the bride

The brother gives his sister away

And they are finally together

The kiss

The couple with the mother

The couple and bride's family

Mr. and Mrs. Jerie Brua
Janice and Fern's Wedding
Hamburger Competition in Ayala Center Cebu
New Lots for Sale at Aspen Heights
Cebu Schools perform well in June 2013 NLE