Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mud Football fever hits Cebu

Football is fast gaining popularity in the country. Years of neglect and unpopularity has practically caused the absence of a world class pitch in the country. Football is best played in grass. In the Philippines though, a player has to be content on playing in fields that could have rocks. If it rains, most of the fields here become muddy. Here are some of the pictures I took in the Sinulog Cup, Aboitiz Cup, and Thirsty Cup. These tournaments were played in the Aboitiz field, San Roque field, and USC Talamban Campus. Due to unexpected rains in January and February, the fields became brown and muddy. It did not stop the players though in playing with passion and skill.

Hopefully some of our sports leaders will find a way to improve the quality of our pitches. Without a decent soccer field to play on, our players are risking unnecessary injuries that could stunt their development. Indeed, it is time to invest in a world-class football field and practice facility.