Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sigma Lenses are not compatible with SLT A33 and A55

Sigma recently released an advisory saying that their lenses are not compatible with Sony's new SLT cameras. The company will fix this problem for free but their might be problems with older/discontinued lenses.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trips: Caohagan Island December 2009

The first one is always one of the most memorable.  This is my first ever island hopping trip in one of the islands near Mactan, Cebu.  I never expected to see such beauty in a place close to home. After this trip to Caohagan, I make sure that almost every year I would try to have a trip to one new island. Indeed, it's more fun in the Philippines once you start exploring it. 

The Caohagan Island Sandbar was just breathtaking. The sand is white and it does not have much sea urchins that usually spoil and enjoyable swim.  We took dozens photos and we had group photos, jump shots and many candid ones. Have you tried island hopping? Share me your experience!

Friday, September 3, 2010

My next Cam candidate: Sony A55

Sony recently unveiled the newest cameras in the Alpha line. The SLT A55 and A33 were built from scratch to create an interesting new niche in the DSLR market. Instead using the rapid return mirror in dlsrs, the new models use a pellicle mirror. Sony calls it Translucent Mirror Technology. This technology leads to a faster camera that will have continuous AF and Phase detection when shooting stills and videos.  The A55 boasts of a 10 fps continuous shooting mode. This camera will definitely have its fans. With pricing way below $1,000, I don't you can find anything as fast and as feature-rich in the DSLR market today.

This camera is packed with the following cool and amazing features:

1. 15 point AF sensors - way better than its Alpha predecessors
2. HD movie capability and dedicated movie button - not only these camera take great pictures, the cameras will allow you to create movies (with AF and background defocusing).
3. Improved ISO system - great details even at ISO 12800 (Max 25,600 for JPEGS)
4. Vari-Angle Tilt LCD - easier to take pictures in awkward angles
5. Tru-Finder - EVF is way better than the typical viewfinders in the same market segment (100% Field of View and 1.1x magnification) - BEST in class
6. Digital level gauge - get straight pictures of horizons in an easy way
7. 16.2 MP for A55 and 14.2 MP for A33 - bigger prints with great details.
8. Auto HDR - in-camera hdr composition (combines the best details to give you a better image). Very useful when shooting landscapes with a bright sky.
9. Automatic scene detection in Auto+ mode - a useful help for people who are used to point and shoots. No need to worry about the technical aspects, just shoot and the camera will pick the right settings for you.
10. 3D Panorama Sweep - Compose awe-inspiring landscapes with this amazing feature.
11. Geotagging (for a55 only)
12. Smaller and lighter than typical DSLRs- easier to bring but offer similar if not better capabilities.

I would definitely save up to buy this camera. Hopefully, it will be available in the Philippines before December.