Friday, December 26, 2014

Roti Hunt: Banana Leaf

I love taking photos of food and I even made an FB page solely dedicated to fun.  One time, I was really craving for some Roti along with my friend Nezte.  Since we both workout in Fitness First Ayala, the obvious choice would be Banana Leaf for our Roti Hunt.  We enjoyed Roti and some other of their specialties.  I particularly liked the Roti dipped in curry sauce....yummy!

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Mobile Photography with Samsung Galaxy Note 4

I tried out the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and  I am pretty impressed with its camera.   The newest smartphone from the World's No.1 Mobile phone brand has 16 MP rear camera with a host of cool features that #selfie addicts would love. Here are some of the default features that I love:

1. Dual Shot

This feature allows a user to take a photo using the front and rear camera simultaneously. It's like double selfie and your post will have a Picture in Picture effect without using other apps. You can post the unique picture in Social Media in just a few seconds.

2. Background Defocus (Selective Focus)

Want to have to have those booked effects that you get using prime lenses with DSLRs? Well, Samsung's new camera software allows users to select focus areas to blur backgrounds or foregrounds. This is perfect for portraits.

3. Rear Camera Selfie
The rear camera is always the better camera but it is quite hard to take a nice selfie using the rear cam.  With Samsung Galaxy Note 4's rear camera selfie mode, you can take very nice selfies without pressing any button.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a note-worthy smartphone if love taking photos and selfies. It has a host of other features to make your life better but as a person who loves taking photos, I would surely consider this as a smartphone option.
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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bon Odori 2014

What: Cebu Bon Odori Festival 2014
When: August 8-9, 2014
Where: Aboitiz Sports Field

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

QX10 Adventures: Milo Little Olympics

I recently decided to buy a QX10 lens camera. I have been trying to improve the image quality of my phone and I realized that no smart phone can match the IQ of a digital camera. The main reason is that due to it size limitations, the image sensors of phone cameras are way smaller than a digital camera.  

I kinda missed my DSLR but since it is still out of commission, I have to find an alternative.  I do not have enough cash yet to start buying the mirror less wonders so I decided to get the QX10.  In the Philippines, this Sony product sells a shade below 10,000 pesos. 

The QX10 can be used as a stand alone digital camera but it will be kinda weird because it has no viewfinder and you will not be able to preview the image that you took. Its full potential can only be unleashed if you pair it with a smart phone. It can connect to your smartphone via two ways.  You can use wifi or NFC if your phone has one.  For non-Sony smartphones, you have to download Playmemories mobile from Istore or Google Play Store.  The app is for FREE. 

Since I am using an Xperia Z1, I did not have a hard time initialising my new smart phone setup. The QX10 can easily be attached to any smartphone. There is a bit of lag in connecting to PlayMemories but it isn't much of a hassle. Once connected, you just probably upgraded your mobile photography possibilities tenfold. You can zoom in without much loss of detail and the 2M pixel copy in your smartphone is sharp enough to be posted in Instagram or Facebook.  You have to option to have an 18 MP copy but transfer rates could be long and if you are a happy snapper, you will easily eat up your phone's memory.  I am content with the 2 MP option.

I decided to bring the QX10 in a sporting event.  I went to the Milo Little Olympics Visayas eliminations and watched volleyball, basketball, and taekwondo. I was blown away with some of the shots a took.  It was clear and the QX10 was able to capture some nice action shots.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Milo Paserelle Cebu Final Day

The Cebu Milo Paserelle Final games were held earlier today.  The University of the Visayas upset the favored Ateneo de Cebu - Sacred Heart School, 56-53.  Dethroned champions University of San Carlos finished 3rd after routing Cebu Eastern College.

Ateneo de Cebu prays after falling to UV
CEC places 4th
An action packed finals

Friday, July 18, 2014

Selfie stick!

The latest craze in mobile photography is the #selfie.  A selfie is basically a self-photo.  People take selfies when they go to new places.  They take a selfie with celebrities.  They take selfies with their dogs. The #selfie is one of the most popular hashtags in Instagram. If you have a smartphone or tablet, I am sure you have taken at least one selfie.

The selfie craze as moved up to another level with the invention of the monopod or the selfie stick.  The selfie is very cheap but it will really boost your #selfie posts.   While selfie sticks have its share of haters, there are more people who love it.

Recently, my younger brother asked me to buy him 6 selfie sticks of that give it to his friends in Australia. I bought 2 kinds of selfie sticks.  One with a wifi remote and the other without.  The one with the remote allows the users to take a photo without pressing anything from their phone which is very convenient specially when using a long stick.  The manual one is cheap but it will take time to master because you need to set your timer so that you can use it properly.

There are also nice smartphones now that has features like smile shutter which will allow you to use your rear camera for selfies. The rear camera is usually 3-5 times better in terms of resolution versus the front camera. There are also some apps that can help you in taking the best selfies like the clap shutter.

If you love selfies, it would be wise to get a selfie stick. Try it but beware because you could become the next selfie addict.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Xperia Z1 Adventures: All Ladies Cebu10s Rugby Festival

Cebu recently hosted a Ladies Rugby 10s Tournament participated by teams from Manila, Davao, Hong Kong, Thainland and the host city Cebu. Rugby has been gaining popularity over the years and the Cebu Dragons has been one of the provincial clubs in the country.

This weekend's tournament was won by the Bangkok Banger Belles.  They beat the Cebu Lady Dragons in the championship match. Here are some photos of the event: