Friday, July 18, 2014

Selfie stick!

The latest craze in mobile photography is the #selfie.  A selfie is basically a self-photo.  People take selfies when they go to new places.  They take a selfie with celebrities.  They take selfies with their dogs. The #selfie is one of the most popular hashtags in Instagram. If you have a smartphone or tablet, I am sure you have taken at least one selfie.

The selfie craze as moved up to another level with the invention of the monopod or the selfie stick.  The selfie is very cheap but it will really boost your #selfie posts.   While selfie sticks have its share of haters, there are more people who love it.

Recently, my younger brother asked me to buy him 6 selfie sticks of that give it to his friends in Australia. I bought 2 kinds of selfie sticks.  One with a wifi remote and the other without.  The one with the remote allows the users to take a photo without pressing anything from their phone which is very convenient specially when using a long stick.  The manual one is cheap but it will take time to master because you need to set your timer so that you can use it properly.

There are also nice smartphones now that has features like smile shutter which will allow you to use your rear camera for selfies. The rear camera is usually 3-5 times better in terms of resolution versus the front camera. There are also some apps that can help you in taking the best selfies like the clap shutter.

If you love selfies, it would be wise to get a selfie stick. Try it but beware because you could become the next selfie addict.

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