Thursday, July 10, 2014

Buying a Clip Lens for Smartphone

As more people own smart phones and phone cameras becoming better and better, more products come out to make the mobile photography experience better. The monopod or selfie sticks became so popular for instagrammers, bloggers, and selfie fanatics for one. Recently, I saw an instagram ad about clip lenses which gives your camera more possibilities. The price was 400 pesos so I decided to get one.

I bought a Lieqi Universal Clip Lens.  The clip lens set includes fish eye, wide-angle, and macro lens.  The set includes a universal clip that will allow the lenses to be attached to your phone's camera. The clip lens fit well with my Xperia Z1 and I did not have a hard time using it.

I first used the fish eye lens and took some unusual photos in Phat Pho where I ate lunch. I am going to test the clip lens sometimes against the fish eye effect in my camera.
It took me time to figure the macro lens but when I did, I was able to take a really "close" shot of the packaging of the clip lens.

For the wide lens, I cannot really be certain if I can see difference but I will give a more detailed test in the next few days.

Having a clip lens has potential to increase the fun factor of a smartphone but it is not really necessary.  This is a good accessory for those who like to be creative and play around with photos. It could give your Instagram posts a unique look and could earn you more likes or followers.

Do you own a clip lens? Post a link of your photos??
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