Monday, September 24, 2012

Sony A57 Adventures: Majestic Mount Mayon

My new A57 camera had its first out of town trip a month ago.  It so happened that my mom ask me and Steph to go to Bicol with her to visit her eldest brother.  Bicol's most distinguishable landmark is definitely the famed Mayon Volcano.  After touching down in Legazpi City, Albay, we had an afternoon tour to Lignon Hill.  Lignon Hill offers an excellent vantage point to view Mayon at the other site of the hill, one can view the runway of Legazpi airport. The Sony a57 was a great companion in our short trip.  Check out some of the pictures we took at Lignon Hill. 
Mayon Volcano from Lignon Hill
Steph and Mayon

Mayon Volcano from Lignon Hill
Group pose

Mayon Volcano afternoon
Auto HDR shot

Nice clouds at Bicol's Mount Mayon
Some cool cloud formations at Mayon

Lignon Hill with mom
Mom and Mayon

trick shot, jump shot at Mayon
The speed of the a57 makes taking jump shots so easy!