Friday, June 5, 2015

#Foodtrip 2015: Ormoc Food Adventures

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Ormoc with family and friends.  The trip was not just about beautiful places but it was also about yummy food. For 3 days, my tummy was filled some of best dishes, delicacies, and food favorites that Ormoc has to offer.  Here some of the delicious food that made my Ormoc trip memorable.

Bahug Bahug

Ormoc Food Adventures, Kalami Cebu Food Trip, Nezte Virtudazo, Carlo Andrew Olano
Nezte enjoying his bahug bahug
 We arrived in Ormoc around 3 pm and it was a good time for snacks.  We just went to a nearby bakery and bought some bread. +Nezte Virtudazo bought some bahug bahug (pudding) for us to enjoy.  Before the much more sophisticated Red Velvet became popular, the most popular red thing that you can buy in the bakery is the bahug bahug. I cannot help but feel nostalgic when we ate the flavorful bread pudding.

Goto by Lugaw ni Bossing

Ormoc Food Adventures, Kalami Cebu Food Trip, Nezte Virtudazo, Carlo Andrew Olano

Ormoc Food Adventures, Kalami Cebu Food Trip, Nezte Virtudazo, Carlo Andrew Olano
 Next up, Nezte and I went to lugawan and had some luggage and goto. We both ordered a rice porridge full of chewy yet delightful innards.   It was an excellent snack for less than 50 pesos.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

10 Must-Have Shots while at Kalanggaman Island

It's more fun in Kalanggaman

 Kalanggaman Island is fast becoming one of the favorite islands of tourists and locals in the country. This island off the coast Palompon, Leyte boasts of its pristine beach and crystal clear water.  Many visitors even stay at the island overnight.  It is such a nice place that I personally recommend that you would visit some time.  Here are 10 of the Must-Have Shots to take when you are going to this island in between Leyte and Cebu: 

1.  Banca Shot or Boat Shot

It's more fun in the Philippines, 10 must-have shots at Kalanggaman Island

It's more fun in the Philippines, 10 must-have shots at Kalanggaman Island
The island can only be reached via motorized banca or speed boat.  The trip lasts around 1 and a half hours from Palompon port.  Taking pictures is one good way to pass time.  Do not waste to many shots though because the best is yet to come. 

2. Selfie or Usie

While the #selfie has become one of the most popular shots in recent times, a lot of people of forget to take one when they reached the island.  Many become so mesmerized with Kalanggaman to the point that they forget about selfies.  It is such a lovely place.

Friday, April 10, 2015

#Summer2015: It's More Fun in Busay, Cebu (Temple of Leah and Tops)

Summer 2015 has started and I decided to start it with a road trip to Busay, Cebu City.  Being one of the highest points of Cebu City, Busay has been popular to tourists and locals for sight-seeing and other adventures. One of the most popular vantage points to Cebu City is Tops but recently, a new structure has been built in the area and it fast eclipsing Tops as the most popular tourist destination in the mountain areas of Cebu.  The place is called Temple of Leah and it a complex inspired by Greece.  After seeing so many awesome photos in Instagram, I decided to check to place with my wife and some family friends.

The structure is not complete yet but it is been visited by multitudes of people daily. It is inspired by Greco-Roman architecture and the columns are similar to the ruins of Parthenon.

One of the favorite spots for photos are the golden lion statues near the entrance. 

 The place is usually packed during weekends as many people bring their families and friends to have a look at Cebu's newest tourist destination.  There is no entrance fee so everyone can practically visit this place.
 There are statues that could be influenced by mythology.  This is probably going to be a statue of Apollo.
 The place is spacious enough for some amazing selfies with friends.

After an hour of going around the Temple of Leah, we proceeded to Tops lookout point.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sinulog 2015 Moments

Sinulog 2015 weekend was pretty busy for me and here are some of the memorable things we did this past weekend.

Sinulog 2015 foodtrip
Food Tripping at Grand Convention Center

getting painted at Sinulog 2015
Getting dirty

Sinulog Selfie at #Sinulog2015
Our Sinulog Selfie

Wine at La vie Parisienne Lahug
Wine time at La Vie Parisienne

party hosted by ETC in Cebu #paintensity

#paintensity wit Mark Quitos
Bumping to Old friends

#sinulog2015 Kapamilya stars
Seeing celebs

Stephanie Olano and friends at Casa Rosita Banawa
Posing after a great meal

enjoying lechon belly in Parkmall Cebu
Lechon Belly time

Cut and Style #sinulog2015
Cut and Style

#sinulog2015 look
Our Sinulog parade look

#sinulogselfie at Mango Avenue
Selfie while watching the Mardi Gras #Sinulog2015

darth vader at the Sinulog 2015 parade
Posing with the parade participants 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Swimming with the Butanding in Oslob

Last year, my little brother decided to visit Cebu along with wife.  They came all the way from NSW Australia and they were looking for a fun activity in Cebu. One of the ideas that he liked was going to Oslob to swim with the whale sharks or butanding. Oslob is a town in the southern part of Cebu Island that is a 2 hours away from Cebu City. Recently, the 4th class municipality became a famous spot for whale shark watching. 

The butanding watching has exponentially increased the town's tourist arrivals and income. In Oslob, you will have an up close and personal experience with these massive fish. We drove going there and we jut directly went to one of the resorts in Barangay Tan-awan. We paid the local rate and also rented their underwater camera. Our wives just decided to stay on the boat. If you are going there, I really suggest you might as well swim with the whale sharks and at least have one photo. ;)  Here some of the pictures of our adventure:

Me and the Whale Shark
What big mouth you have!

Oh, what big belly you've got!

Whale Shark Watching in Oslob
Me and my bro with the baby butanding

Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 #Foodgasm Album

2014 was a year for full of nice food photos using my Xperia Z1 and the Sony QX10. It was fun taking the photos but not as enjoyable as eating the yummy food.  Yes! 2014 was one of my best gastronomic years and I have pictures as proof. Here are some of the yummiest food that gave me #foodgasm:

Scones at The Chocolate Chamber.  They are probably one of the very few Cebu restaurants that offer this item that somehow reminds of Australia where many of my family members reside.

The decadent Chocolate cake at The Chocolate Chamber was really a sweet treat.

Pasta from Idea Italia. Well, if you look for Pasta why not go to a restaurant owned by an Italian.

The flavor-infused hot chocolate in The Chocolate Chamber. Flavours could be as nice as mint or cinnamon to as outrageous as Chili. It comes in very nice cups and saucers. ;)

David's Tea House's Chicken and other dims specialties. It looks good and tastes even better.

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Friday, December 26, 2014

Roti Hunt: Banana Leaf

I love taking photos of food and I even made an FB page solely dedicated to fun.  One time, I was really craving for some Roti along with my friend Nezte.  Since we both workout in Fitness First Ayala, the obvious choice would be Banana Leaf for our Roti Hunt.  We enjoyed Roti and some other of their specialties.  I particularly liked the Roti dipped in curry sauce....yummy!

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