Monday, February 27, 2012

RHomes Cebu Sellers @ Portofino Beach Resort

Summer 2011: Robinsons Home Cebu decided to have a summer outing at Portofino Beach Resort in Mactan, Cebu. The Rainmaker's group came in full force to support the event.

 Sheila, Kerwin, and Rodney looked like it was their first time to go to a beach. ;)

 Noel, Lot-lot, Khalil, and Jess arrived before lunchtime.
 Miss Jane was busy even during the summer outing.

 The fun began after lunch when everyone started swimming and drinking.

 The people were thirsty and Red Horse seems to be a good cure.

 Lee was "baptized" with Red Horse at the beach.

 More pictures and more fun.
 Rodney Raga had a chance to have a picture with his "crush" Engineer Ryan Tolentino. ;)

It was fun and memorable as it was one of the last few activities that the 2010 Rainmakers were complete.

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