Saturday, September 28, 2013

Alona Beach Bohol during the day

 I recently went with family and friends to Bohol recently and we stayed at the famed Alona Beach in Panglao. The nice thing about Alona Beach is that the beach is not owned by a single resort. There are several resorts and restaurants located at that long strip of white beach.
 Here I am posing at the beach and really enjoying seeing it for the first time.

 By the time the purplish sunset came, we already enjoyed taking pictures, doing jumpshots, and even downing some bottles of San Mig Light.

The next morning, it was all about doing fun activities at the beach as well as sightseeing.  Alona Beach is probably one the best beaches in the Philippines.  You can truly enjoy a day at the beach without spending much compared to the expensive resorts in the neighboring Cebu.  This place reminds of those rustic beaches in Bantayan, Cebu with more options on food and accommodation.  If only Bohol is just a drive away, I would probably be in Alona everyday.

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