Monday, May 28, 2012

Food Trip (January-March 2012)

Food. Food. Food. We eat everyday but once in a while we eat something special. Here are some of the memorable eats I had in the first quarter of the year.

 For the New Year, many Cebuanos celebrate it with Lechon in their tables. Lechon is the No.1 party dish in Cebu. We were lucky to feast on one during this year's new year's eve.

On our trip to Barili, Cebu, I was able to taste the ice cream made at Molave Milk Station. I really enjoyed it.

Passing through Carcar City, we stopped by chicharon store and saw some hot chicharon being cooled.  Obviously, they cannot pack it while it is hot.

The famous the Torta de Tuba in Argao.  We actually went to Argao to meet the maker of this favorite local delicacy.

Enjoying "tempura" at Argao Nature Park.

 Our meals at Trader's Hotel Manila. It is fast becoming my favorite hotel in Manila.... food-wise ;)

 Ramen at Kotobukiya.  Two Thumbs up!!

 Super Combo.  Puso + Ngohiong = one filling meal. @Doming's Ngohiong

 Classic meal at Sunburst.  3 pieces of chicken with coleslaw and camote fries.... I like!

Fried Chicken with Mojo potatoes at Shakey's.  'Can't complain if you serve me this for lunch...everyday!

Pizza perfect at Shakey's tara-rah-ra!